Ulva Sea Lettuce on the shoreline Photo

Growing ulva

In many countries, Sea Lettuce has been consumed as food by humans since the beginning of times. Sea Lettuce contains significant amount of nutrients which are essential for the human body including Omega 3. Moreover, several studies have provided insight into biological activities and health promoting effects of Sea Lettuce.

Despite having so many health beneficial effects, Sea Lettuces are still identified as an under-exploited plant resource for food purposes. Hence, Sea Lettuce has great potential for further development as products in foods and pharmaceutical areas also extracts bio fuel and acids, excess Ulva can easily be turned into a nutrient rich plant feed or poultry feed.

Further, potential applications of polysaccharides, protein and amino acid, lipid and fatty acid, mineral and vitamin contents may increase the value of Sea Lettuce. This contribution presents information on the currently culinary use of sea lettuces worldwide and nutritional aspects of Sea Lettuce.

This year Green Ocean Farming are looking to establish an Ulva farm to utilise the abundance of sea lettuce that already grows around our south west coast in the clean Atlantic waters. Sea lettuce is my personal favourite eating seaweed a tasty multi purpose food source.

Are you interested in growing or buying sea lettuce or investing in Ulva? If so please get in touch - enquiries@greenoceanfarming.com 

The image below shows wild Ulva having bloomed due to nitrogen run off from agricultural fields.

Ulva sea lettuce washed up on a beach at low tide

                                                                   (C) Green Ocean Farming