Sargassum & wasted seaweed

Every year millions of tonnes of seaweed is washed ashore only to rot on the beaches or be taken off to landfill sites. Here at Green Ocean Farming we find that appalling and have come up with some innovative solutions to stop the waste of what could be a valuable commodity and a useful ecologically friend by-product. 

Our team of weed-ologists have come up with a way of not only utilising the waste seaweed but provide an income, especially to those in third world countries or those living off a few dollars a day.

Green Ocean Farming, turning waste seaweed into positive products

Our specially designed Seaweed Biochar Units turn waste seaweed into a valuable carbon retaining product, ideal for improving soil in large scale agriculture or domestic gardens. The seaweed biochar also provides an income to those communities living on low wages or on the poverty line.

If you would like to sponsor a Biochar unit to help communities around the world, please give us a call or email us direct.

These Seaweed Biochar Units are fully mobile and supplied on a trailer.  A Biochar Unit costs £30,000 including training and delivery around the world but they offer a lifeline to those living on the poverty line as well as helping the environment around them. Please help us to help them.

Help those living in poverty, help recycle waste seaweed, help the environment by capturing carbon from the sea in this amazing eco- friendly product. 

If you have a problem with seaweed waste, we want to hear from you - please click here.

The video below shows how biochar is made from waste wood, the same principle applies to waste seaweed or combinations of seaweed and other biomass such as bamboo or cane. 

Seaweed Biochar graph
seaweed biochar making machinery
collecting sargassum seaweed from a beach

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