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At Green Ocean Farming we operate a number of educational and research projects which aim to secure the future well-being of our oceans and provide for the future of man. Our work does not come cheap, but helping us to help you is a sound investment in all our futures. If you can, please help our work to progress, by clicking the donate button below, or looking at the range of packages we provide, on the following pages, from commemorative gift donations to bequests and Will services.

We need to stop and reverse global warming, we are at the eleventh hour, the only realistic way forward is to use the Oceans but first we need to fix them, stop the rising water temperatures, reduce the amount of carbon and acidity, breath life back into them.

The Oceans cover 70% of of planet Earth, so why aren't we using it sensibly? Reducing acidity and carbon by planting Macroalgae (seaweed) to sequester carbon and nitrogen. Invest in deep sea and offshore farming, for seaweed, shellfish and some types of fin fish. 

We need your help, the Oceans need you help, Marine life needs your help, planet Earth needs your help.

Please help today by using the Donate button below, you can pay in USD or GBP, all amounts will be welcome.

Kelp sequesters tonnes of carbon from the oceans.