New in seaweed aquaculture photo

What's New at Green Ocean Global Farming?

We have some new great products aimed at assisting macroalgae farming worldwide.

Working with an innovative UK company we are now using fully biodegradable materiel to grow our seaweeds, including Fucus and other native seaweeds. This natural material is ideal for kelp forest restoration projects as well an other IMTA projects, it can be supplied as rope or woven mats.

Our other exciting product is a seaweed accelerator, a solution of minerals and nutrients used to help small macroalgae when they are first attached to the growing lines, this slow release solution can increase growth by 30% in the first few months.

Sending wet or fresh microalgae any distance has always been a problem, now Green Ocean has devised a method to preserve large amounts of biomass and send it long distance allowing it to break down. We can send up to one tonne bales to the other side of the world if needs be.

Watch this space for more macroalgae breakthroughs. 

Why not watch our seaweed sea shanty below?