Seaweed drying machine

Mobile Seaweed drying unit.


Here at Green Ocean Farming we have spent several months trialling our portable Seaweed drying units. They are a low cost and an economical way of drying your seaweed.

Each seaweed dryer is 40 foot long with an internal capacity of 33.2 cubic metres.

They are designed for the drying of all types of seaweed and seaweed farming, either hanging the seaweed from the ceiling or on rails or drying the seaweed flat on trays. (Trays not supplied)

The seaweed drying units can be heated by either LPG or Electricity, also suitable for wood chip heating.

The complete drying units consist of a heat source, an air flow circulator and an extraction vent.

The units can be transported from site to site on a flatbed lorry.

Prices start at just £35,000, payment options available, please ask for details -

Seaweed drying machines