Bequests & Wills 

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Donate In Memory Of A Loved One

Here at Green Ocean you can make a one off donation should you choose to do so, or if you prefer make a monthly, quarterly, annually donation in memory of some one dear to you and or your family and friends.

We find that many people make donations to our projects for many personal reasons, a few examples to show you are as follows

A Grandfather, husband, brother may have spent a lot of time at sea and cared greatly for the oceans well-being. By making a donation to Green Ocean their kind donations have gone to help work towards regeneration and/or research work.

Many families have, for generations, spent time together going on trips to the seaside, enjoying donkey rides and playing in the sea and eating ice cream.  Making a donation in memory of these times will enable us to further understand our oceans and work on projects, such as Carbon Sequestering, which help  to alleviate and hopefully go some way to remove the Carbon Footprints that we all add to every day, which affects the planet as a whole.

Did you know that just boiling a kettle to make cups of tea etc can produce 73KG of carbon a year, that’s not only a lot of tea but, worryingly, a lot of carbon in the atmosphere too.


                 Donations For Future Generations

At green ocean we are always looking forward to see how we can help create new techniques, find new and innovative ideas to help improve what we do. By donating money to support our work and research we hope one day to be able to create a simple cost affective methods and techniques which can be used globally to restore the oceans, the sea beds, the reefs and reforest areas with new life giving kelp forests.

You can help us to achieve this by not thinking about what we do today, but by the way we treat and approach our tomorrow’s.


 Our bespoke Will Writing Service is provided by a team of experienced professionals. We offer this opportunity for individuals or families to express their wishes without fuss or any hassle.

The service allows you not only to provide for loved ones after you have gone but to leave a gift for your chosen charity.

By choosing to leave a gratefully received gift to Green Ocean Farming it will go on to become a living memory, as all such gifts and bequests go towards the tireless work we undertake to help the reforestation and regeneration of our sea beds.

We also have many other projects and options to for you to choose from, when making your decision to support our work.  

You may choose to support our education programme, teaching future generations and showing them all they need to know and understand about our ocean beds.

We also have a dedicated research team working on new techniques and innovations which are moving the Aquaculture World forward. We forge forward to find simpler methods and procedures and new innovative ways of achieving completion our works.

If you are interested and would like to take advantage of this new Will Writing Service then please follow the secure enquiry link below or call  Amanda, at Green Ocean Farming, on (+44) 07435 380 737 who will be happy to take any queries you may have.

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