Macroalgae Laboratory of              Excellence 



Help Fund a Macroalgae Laboratory of Excellence in Plymouth, UK 

The purpose of our Macroalgae Laboratory is :-

  • To propagate macro algae for the purpose of restoring and regenerating kelp forests and to provide seed stock to the UKs emerging seaweed farming industry and communities.
  • Study and trial new methods of seeding other native seaweeds not currently farmed, such as Sea Spaghetti, Knotted Wrack, Dulse and Ulva for human consumption and extracts.
  • Propagate alternative methods of growing seaweed on floating nets mainly bladder wrack for medicinal extracts, knotted wrack for animal health and methane reduction.
  • Trial innovative methods of increasing biomass through impregnating growing lines with nutrients prior to deployment. Grafting same species seaweeds to increase the strength and biomass and to understand how rising water temperatures can affect the seaweed whilst looking for ways to overcome these affects.
  • Study carbon sequestering in different species of macro algae to gain a better understanding and more reliable figures than those currently used.
  •  The facility will be used train the next generation of seaweed hatchery technicians which will be needed to keep up with this rapidly expanding sector of aquaculture. Including teaching them to preserving and cataloguing native species of seaweed to ensure there is a supply of 'seed stock' in the event that some species die off or become extinct.  
  • Open the facility as an education centre for the younger generation to learn about the importance of macro algae in our oceans and the importance of the oceans on our planet.
  • Work with Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture to help reduce and remedy pollutants released into the water by UK water companies and large scale fin fish farms, using macro algae, bi valves and where applicable native sea cucumbers. 

        Target figure:  In order to achieve our aims, we are looking to raise  £350,000                                                                          

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