Regenerative Kelp Stones 

A cost-effective method of restoring Kelp Forests for the purpose of providing marine habitat and carbon sequestering.

Our innovative solution to rebuilding and restoring native Kelp Forests uses a recycled aggregate impregnated with a slow-release nutrient feed on which the Kelp is grown. Once established, these young Kelps are relocated to their final growing location, where they will grow into full sized Kelp

Kelp Forests around the UK coast are under constant threat from bad fishing practices and other man problems. Kelp Forests are a vital part of the UK’s marine environment, they sequester vast amounts of carbon and nitrogen from our waters, provide food, habitat and nursery space for many types of marine creatures and can act as a natural buffer to reduce wave erosion. 

If you are looking to help restore kelp forests purely for the benefit of the environment or to offset your business or personnel carbon foot print, then we would like to hear from you.


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Parts of a Kelp diagram

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