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Seaweed Farming and Reforestation Opportunities 2023 

Canadian aquaculture site


      Green Ocean Farming is involved in many projects around the globe, we                currently have both restoration and farming investment opportunities. 

1) Our newly licenced site in Nova Scotia Canada is 105 hectares of pristine water ideal for IMTA, growing Kelp in the winter and Ulva in the summer months alongside native Oysters and Mussels all year round.

If you are interested in getting involved we can offer 10 lines of Sugar kelp for just £20,000 - £25,000 GBP for a five year term. The Ulva and shellfish will be grown as a cooperative. Please email for more details. 

2) UK Ulva and Oyster project.

Using the waters of our flag ship site in Dorset, we will be growing Triploid Oysters in the pristine waters, the triploids grow exceptionally fast in the nutrient rich waters and are ready for market within 18 months, unlike Scottish Oysters that take three years. Alongside these plump Oysters we will be farming kelp and Ulva - (sea lettuce) offering an annual return on this tasty and versatile sea weed. 

Ulva is high in Omega 3, full of minerals and can be used to make bio fuel, acrylic acid, animal feeds and has many other innovative uses. 

Investments for the Oyster and Ulva IMTA start at £8000 - £25,000 GBP

3) Macroalgae Laboratory of Excellence.

Why not invest in the future and help us create a seaweed laboratory. The cutting edge laboratory will propagate native macroalgae not currently farmed. These unique seaweeds have a the potential to turn the seaweed industry on its head. The seaweeds propagated here would be used to produce Fucoidan to help with diabetes and cancer. Also Bromoform which is known as an inhibitor of Methanogenesis therefore reducing methane in Cattle. 

                                                          Invest in us or help us raise £350,000                                                

Baby Oysters in a tank