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Seaweed Farming and Reforestation Opportunities 2022 

Canadian aquaculture site


      Green Ocean Farming is involved in many projects around the globe, we                currently have both restoration and farming investment opportunities. Two prime opportunities are showcased below 

                                                Nova Scotia - Canada

Here we have 50 Hectares of seabed in need of reforestation. This could be an ideal project to offset your companies carbon footprint, through the planting of Sugar Kelp, Oarweed and Ulva

By reintroducing native Kelps to this amazing area we will recreate a thriving marine eco system, from fin fish to crustaceans and many other forms of marine life, helping nature restore a balance. 

                                           For further information, about all of our investment opportunities,                                                                                                                please contact

Photo of Seaweed site Nova Scotia Canada

                                                           HTC - HYDROTHERMAL CARBON FERTILISER

We are looking to make our seaweeds into much needed environmentally friendly HTC fertiliser, capturing over 95% of the carbon from the sea plants, using high pressure liquid and heat via a Hydrothermal Carbon Reactor.  The world is running out of phosphagen and nitrogen, this is the answer.

Please email us if you'd like to get involved

Hydrothermal carbon seaweed reactor

                                          Jersey Reforestation Project

Opportunities to fund the reforestation of 500 hectares of barren seabed with native seaweed, mainly Sugar Kelp and Oarweed. Integrated with ‘not for harvest’ bi-valves (shellfish) and Eco Cube Reefs. This is a chance for large businesses to offset their huge carbon footprint and help the environment at the same time.

By reintroducing Kelp into this dead zone, Green Ocean Farming will create a diverse marine eco-system. Once established, the Kelp Forest will attract many types of fish and crustaceans, all using the kelp forest for cover, habitat, food and nursey space.

Due to the size of the project we are looking to raise £5,000,000 over three years. 

Image of Jersey seaweed project

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