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Going Deep



As the UKs seaweed industry moves slowing forward in first gear, Green Ocean Farming is already looking far ahead and planning for the future of large scale seaweed aquaculture.

The current use of waters around our coast to grow seaweeds are restricted by other marine activities, slow and prohibitive licencing and the lack of understanding or interest from either central or local Government. That is why Green Ocean is looking to the deep ocean to farm our seaweeds, far offshore away from manmade problems where we can utilise the space and nutrients that the oceans offer.

We are looking to trial our deep-sea vertical rig model this year, seeking to harness the oceans current and nutrients of deeper water while mindful of the need for sunlight. In some areas of the world Kelp can grow up to 2 feet per day, they do not need weeding, pesticides, fertilizers, or any other kind of resource intensive micromanagement.

Juvenile kelps will be attached to an anchored buoy system which will keep the kelps at optimum depth to benefit from light and ocean nutrients. Marine Biologist will monitor the kelps and the water nutrients regularly. In the open ocean, the top layer is nutrient deplete and the kelp must absorb deep water nutrients to continue to produce a good crop, so choosing the right location is paramount.

Green Ocean Farming has identified several suitable sites to trial deep sea farming and is in the process of obtaining permits from those countries involved. Watch this space for more information. 

We have developed a kelp nursery to grow sporeling on artificial substrate (long lines). The nursery long lines will be attached to a secured vertical floatation rig that helps keep the submerged lines in the right position and able to avoid storms and passing ships.

Kelp is one of the fastest growing sources of biomass, and the open ocean surface water is an immense, untapped region for growing kelp. However, kelp does not grow in the open ocean naturally because it needs to attach to a hard surface, typically less than 40 meters deep. Kelp also needs nutrients that are only available in deep water or near shore but not on the surface of the open ocean.

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Please email us (enquiries@greenoceanfarming.com) if you want to get involved, or invest in the future.

Verticle Kelp farming lines

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