Gifts That Give Back 

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      Celebratory Gifts That Give Back


Do you or someone you know have a special occasion coming up?

Why not make this year a particularly special one and give a gift of lasting value to our oceans, in lieu of the usual present, or giving cash. Why not show you care in a new way??

Be it a birthday, wedding or anniversary, birth, christening, special holiday or retirement, there are so many opportunities to do something different.

By donating to one of the many projects at Green Ocean Farming you know that your contribution will go 100 % to your chosen project. 

So it could be towards reforesting an area of kelp in the ocean, or towards reintroducing some native seaweeds that many fish and mammals will get to call a new home.

Or towards the funding goals for our state of the art laboratory, which will help to inform and teach the next generation about our oceans.

The opportunities are endless.

Once you have made your gift to Green Ocean, we will send a certificate from us and yourself to the recipient letting them know kindly what has been done on their behalf. 

Please email us for more details

If you would like to make a donation please click on the donate button below and enter and amount you would like to give.

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