Green Ocean restorative  Reefs

Absorbing Carbon, providing habitat, food and nursery space.

Aftera lot of time, effort and trials, Green Ocean are now able to offer Ecologically friendly pre seeded artificial reef cubes.

The primary purpose of a Green Ocean Eco Reef Cube is to :-

a) Provide a seaweed based habitat for other marine life to live amongst.

b) To act as an artificial reef in areas devoid of marine life and to encourage regeneration of the seas.

c) To act as a sequestering tool, absorbing carbon, nitrogen and other pollutants. 

d) Protect against storm surges and help prevent coastal erosion. They are ideal for reintroducing life into 'dead zone' on the sea floor and help clean up sewage spills inshore.

Our Eco Reef -Cubes are 'seeded' with a variety of native seaweed, that are attached to the mesh casing and grow on to mature into fully grown Kelp within nine months, the eco cubes are weighted with recycled sea boulders and a recycled porous material that encourages macroalgae growth, interspersed with habitat and hiding spaces for a variety of marine species such as Lobsters, Crab, Fish, Rays and Eels.

The configuration of the Eco Reef-Cubes attracts marine life to either live within it or use it for habitat or nursery space. The eco cubes are then placed into the sea at chosen locations to form a eco reefs.

Once in the sea water, Macroalgae (seaweed) varieties quickly grow to cover the structure, forming safe environments and nurseries for other sea life. More importantly, the seaweed also reduces carbon in the oceans through carbon sequestering which can help prevent ocean warming and reduce acidity in the seas.

The design of the structure provides 'bolt-holes' for small fish and other marine life, giving them protection from predators as the seaweed grows.

Green Ocean Farming Seaweed Eco Reef-Cubes are a great way to offset your carbon footprint, whether that's carbon from your home, job, car or air miles. Seaweed Eco Reefs are the answer.

Prices start at £2,200 per Eco Reef-Cube please email us for more details

Invest in the Oceans today! We can position the Reef-Cubes on your behalf if you don't have access to the sea and just want to help the oceans and marine life.**

If you have a business with a large carbon footprint, this is an ideal way to offset that carbon footprint, email us for more information and details on sponsoring a seaweed reef cube.

All our seaweed reefs are made to order, so where ever you are in the world we can help, whether you need one or one hundred, speak to us first. 

** Subject to licensing and permits. 


Email us for more details. - 

A Green Ocean Eco Reef Block can reverse the damage from spillages like the one in this photo!

Sewage leaks into the sea